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Houston Nutrition Counseling mainly describes consulting with a dietitian or nutritionist to provide individuals and families the tools and education needed to begin practicing healthy eating habits. Nutrition and diet counseling includes sessions with a registered dietitian to assess an individual’s particular needs. From the initial assessment, the dietitian and client can then discuss eating patterns, current food intake, and personalized methods to begin a more healthy way of eating.

Nalisha Emegwako,Licensed Dietitian and owner of Pinnacle Nutrition Consultants works with each person to help him or her reach their desired goals for a more healthy life. Our mission is to provide evidence-based nutrition therapy to men and women with Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, Kidney Disease, High Blood Pressure, and PCOS in a compassionate way.

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Houston Dietitian and Nutritionist

Whether you are facing challenges in digestive health, struggle to manage a clinical diagnosis, or are an athlete of any level looking to optimize your performance, have confidence that your daily food decisions are fueling your healthiest body through expert nutrition guidance that best suits your unique biochemistry. Moreover, Houston dietitians and nutritionists at Pinnacle Nutrition Consultants will help develop a well-balanced diet that allows you to take charge of your health and enjoy doing so!

Nalisha Emegwako is a Houston Registered Dietitian in the metro area and has been practicing in the field of dietetics for 14-years. Mrs. Emegwako’s experience includes diet and nutrition counseling, menu planning, nutrition assessment, facility coverage, mock surveys, presentations. With a passion for the nutrition field, she strives to help clients achieve their nutritional goals through behavior change and utilizing motivational interviewing and counseling.

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