Healthy Grilling Dishes

The summer season is best known for being able to grill foods outside, but there are some who can prepare grilled dishes all year round. In the United States, it is estimated more than half of the people fire up their grills no matter what the season. So, whether you are a year-round griller or a seasonal one, these are some healthy grilling dishes and tips to beef up your food safety and nutrition. 

Be Safe When Grilling Dishes

A few safety tips to follow to ensure the food you eat from the grill is as good for you as possible. 

  • Use a Food Thermometer
    • Check the thermometers in your local grocery or other retail store and make sure it is designed to use with food. There are a lot of different thermometers on the market to choose from and you will need one specifically for checking foods. Almost all grilled meats should be checked by a thermometer to ensure they are properly done. A thermometer not only ensures you don’t undercook but also prevents the risk of over-cooking as well. 
  • Clean Grill Before Each Use
    • It will be worth your time to make sure the grill is clean each time before placing your food on it. Clean the grill before each use with hot, soapy water to remove any charred grease or other debris from your cooking area. 
  • Use Different Cutting Boards for Different Grilling Dishes
    • To safely prepare your grilling dishes, you should use different cutting boards for different foods. This tip is especially important if you are cutting up raw meats and vegetables in your grilling dishes. You should also avoid cross-contamination between these foods by using different knives and other utensils as well. When finished with these boards and utensils be sure to clean them well with hot, soapy water. 
  • Marinate Meat Safely
    • A lot of grilling dishes for meats involve marinating the meat ahead of grilling time. Meats should be marinated in the refrigerator and never left outside or on a counter. Do not reuse any marinades that have been used on raw meats. 
  • Cook Nutritionally
    • You can add a lot of nutrition to your grilling dishes. Vegetables cooked right on the grill and basted with a little olive oil or vinaigrette not only taste great but are great for you. Grilled fruit kebabs are also a fantastic and tasty nutritionally way for making a grilled meal complete. Talk to the specialists at Pinnacle Nutrition Consultants for more ways to eat healthy and improve your life. 

Foods for Healthy Grilling Dishes

There are many foods to grill that will provide you with fresh summer produce and healthy and nutritious meat grilling ideas. These are a few you and your family can enjoy, and to learn more about healthy, nutritious choices, talk to the specialists at Pinnacle Nutrition Consultants. 

 Lemon-Peppered Salmon in Foil

Grilled salmon in foil keeps it super-moist and you don’t have to worry the fish will stick to the grill. Fresh parsley, lemon pepper, and butter flavor up this healthy grilling dish. Cook the salmon along with some corn, zucchini, or asparagus and you’ll have a healthy meal prepared in less than thirty minutes.

Green Beans and Hazelnuts with Mustard Vinaigrette  

Grilling green beans with hazelnuts gives you a crunchy, mustard vegan side dish for your grilled meal. Using a grill basket allows you to perfectly grill these beans and nuts without worrying about any falling through the grate. During the grilling, lightly brush with a mustard vinaigrette over the top to season them to perfection.  

Beef and Vegetable Kebabs

Beef and vegetable kebabs are not only an easy grilled dish, but they are also delicious. Thread your skewers with an inexpensive, but flavorful beef along with colorful veggies of your choice. Marinate the threaded skewers for about eight hours before grilling and you will have a tasty and healthy summer meal.  

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