Registered Dietitians Can Be The Best Way To Lose Weight

A registered dietitian can help you achieve your weight goals through a personalized plan based on your individual needs, health status, and lifestyle. Just like any other disease, uncontrolled weight is a disease, and a registered dietitian understands the science behind obesity. These food and nutrition experts can help you make the necessary lifestyle changes including diet modifications to reduce your weight.

Registered dietitians are educated in helping individuals adjust their normal food intake and provide options you might not be aware of to decrease your overall calorie intake. When your goal is to lose weight, it comes down to how many calories you consume versus how many calories you are burning throughout your day.

The Difference a Registered Dietitian Can Make In Your Weight Loss

A registered dietitian not only looks at the health risks concerning your weight but also works with you to create a personalized diet plan to improve your health. The plan created will help you set a goal along with ways for you to achieve that goal and counseling along the way to check your roadblocks and progress.

The plan that works for one will not work for everyone, and a registered dietitian understands your plan needs to be individualized if it is going to be effective. The system used by most registered dietitians includes:

1. Assessing Nutrition

Your registered dietitian at Pinnacle Nutrition Consultants will collect and document your nutrition history, medical history, laboratory data, body measurements, and other data to assess your current nutrition levels.

2. Diagnosis Nutrition

From the data collected in your assessment, the registered dietitian will learn your problem areas and make a diagnosis.

3. Intervene in Your Nutrition Levels

After coming up with a diagnosis concerning your nutritional intake, the registered dietitian will create a treatment plan to improve your dietary and nutritional intake.

4. Assessing and Monitoring Nutrition

Once you begin your dietary plan created by the registered dietitian, they will continue to assess and monitor your success. Changes can be made in the plan to best fit your needs.

This system is a structured approach, and according to a study done in 2017 by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, performs better to help you accomplish weight loss and reduce diabetes risk factors. This system works better than those done through non-dietitians.

Registered Dietitian’s Tools of Trade

A registered dietitian is able to help you create better food habits that are achievable. Depending on your goals, there are different forms of education and support they can provide you along your journey to lose weight. These professionals empower you to be in control and are there to make sure you reach your weight loss destination safely.

Seeking the help of a registered dietitian may have you using different tools of trade these professionals have. Some people want to learn how to read food labels, others want a dietary goal they can achieve through a day-to-day plan, and others want help in creating meal plans. Whether you require one of these tools, or just want accountability and feedback from a professional, Pinnacle Nutrition Consultants are here for you on your weight loss journey.

Start Your Weight Loss Journey with a Registered Dietitian

Pinnacle Nutrition Consultants provide you with more than just nutrition advice. We offer you our unique knowledge and experience gained through extensive research to create a weight loss strategy to maximize your results. Put your health in the hands of our registered dietitians who have the accredited title that will help you achieve both your nutritional and health goals.

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