Top Reasons to Visit a Nutritionist

Food affects how you function throughout your day. There are many different body types and body systems, so what your neighbor can eat and do are not going to be the same for you. Each person needs to find what is healthy for their system and eat the right foods to nourish it and keep them feeling good.

Learning what is right for your system is a challenge. The process will involve eliminating some of the foods you love but it can also introduce you to new foods you’ll enjoy. A nutritionist can help you through this process and get you on a path to complete health.

If you’ve considered consulting an expert for advice on your nutritional diet needs, but are unsure how their services will benefit you, these are some of the top reasons to visit a nutritionist.

1. Digestive Issues

If you suffer from digestive issues, it could be a sign certain foods are causing a disturbance in your digestive system. Many times these symptoms can be caused by IBS (irritable bowel syndrome.) The symptoms could also be related to eating foods your body cannot digest normally.

A nutrition expert can help you sort through the foods you’ve been consuming and identify the cause of your digestive issues. Nutritionists will help you come up with a well-balanced meal plan that will include foods your body will tolerate.

2. Abnormal Blood Tests

Abnormal blood tests on your iron, cholesterol, glucose, or thyroid functions can be related to how your body is reacting to the foods you eat or to other lifestyle choices. A nutrition expert is trained to look at your dietary intake and see how it relates to how your body is reacting. Many times these experts are able to find alternative diet plans to get your lab tests back within a normal range. When this is successful, it reduces your risk of developing chronic illnesses, such as autoimmune conditions, diabetes, or cardiovascular diseases.

3. Fertility Issues

A person trained in nutrition can help you optimize your health throughout conception and your pregnancy. They will guide you on how to eat nourishing foods to enhance your unborn baby’s health as well as your own. Eating right during pregnancy increases your chances of providing your baby with optimal development and growth.

4. Food Allergy

Sensitivity or food allergy testing is a great tool to help you learn which foods are causing you discomfort. Sometimes these tests are disappointing as you learn you will have to give up foods that you love. The results, however, are beneficial when you eliminate your trigger foods and find yourself feeling healthy and more energetic. A person educated in nutrition will identify these foods for you and get you a path to recovery.

5. Weight Management

Many people struggle to lose weight. There are numerous ‘lose weight fast’ plans on the market and they can be extremely disappointing when the pounds do not come off. A nutrition expert can show you how weight management is more than just about the number of calories you consume. The nutrition expert along with the help of your doctor can discover the cause of your excess weight, and develop a lifestyle program along with an individualized meal plan. Together you’ll create a goal to manage your weight and feel good doing it.

Where to Learn More About the Benefits of a Nutritionist

Pinnacle Nutrition Consultants offers you Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) administered by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) to help you improve your nutrition and overall health. It is our goal to put you on a path to eating better, feeling better, and improving your quality of life. Contact us and learn how our research-based dietary plans can help you through any medical issue and have you feeling your very best.

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